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  1. Sessions in Vim

    I love to have a lot of tabs open at the same time in Vim. Being the deputy Scrum master (Yeah, it is a thing) of our dev-team, I have to keep track of a lot of things going on in the team. I maintain a repository of all the …

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  2. Using Tab windows in Vim

    vim-logoUsing Tabs (vim calls them tab pages) is one of the sure ways to increase your productivity. Vim Tabs are just like the tabs in your browsers. Each tab can have multiple splits (referred as windows in Vim's documentation). So, you can have multiple splits open in one tab and …

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  3. Encryption in Vim

    vim logo] Vim never fails to surprise you with the amazing features it has in its arsenal. Very recently I have found that Vim comes bundled with an encryption mechanism referred to as VimCrypt.
    It is always a good practice to encrypt your files especially when it contains personal or sensitive information …

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