June 19, 2016

Should a Sanders supporter vote for Hillary if she wins the nomination ?

If you are Bernie supporter  and you are unable to decide whether to vote for Hillary or not in the final elections (when Hillary gets the nomination), then this post will provide you some direction.

If someone is supporting Bernie Sanders it could be because of any of these two reasons :

  1. He wants to vote for someone outside the establishment
  2. He believes Bernie’s vision and ideals

If you belong to the first category then the obvious choice would be Trump because he too is an outsider in the election. But, the number of people voting for Sanders just because of #1 are going to be really really low.

And, those in the second group they want to vote for him because of his message and because they believe in his vision for America. So, if he doesn't get the nomination (which is very likely) the next closest would be Hillary Clinton than Trump. Though Sanders and Clinton may disagree on a few issues they both still have liberal Democratic views and so Hillary Clinton is the most obvious choice.

And, remember that in elections, though you might be voting looking at a person, you’re actually voting and not so much for the person. And, the reason being that the Person from Democratic or Republican parties can get their party members support in the Congress when passing bills and laws. And, this is one of the reasons Bernie didn’t run as an independent but as a democrat.

So, In the end it all comes to one question. Are you a Democrat or a Republican?

May the best candidate win.

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