June 19, 2016

Bash Keyboard Shortcuts | ReadLine Tips

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Read Line is a editor every body uses but no one knows about. If you have used Linux for anything before, you have used ReadLine. Doesn't ring any bells? Well, that is because, not a lot of people call it that. It is more frequently termed as the "Bash Prompt" or something along those lines.
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So, this prompt you see every time you open a terminal, has got a name. Its called ReadLine. A really lax name, isn't it?  No wonder it didn't catch on.
So anyway, here are a few keyboard shortcuts to help you type efficiently in ReadLine and become a Con-fu master!

Ctrl + w              :  Kill the Previous typed word
Ctrl + a               :  Go to the beginning of the line
Ctrl + u               :  Delete everything from the cursor till the Beginning of the command
Ctrl + k               :  Delete everything from the Cursor to the End of the command
Ctrl + Shift + -  :  Undo the last action
Alt + t                   :  Swaps the last two typed words 
[Especially useful when you want to swap the  last two arguments]
Alt + u                   :  Converts the current character to uppercase
Alt + l                     :  Converts the current character to lowercase
Alt +  .                 :  Paste the last argument of the previous command at the cursor
[Can be very useful when, you type "cd dir_name" only to realize that the directory doesn't exist and you have to create it with "mkdir dir_name".  You can also use "mkdir !$" for the same  ]
Alt +1   Alt + .     :  Pulls the first argument from the last command
[Hold Alt and press the number and '.']
Alt +2  |  Alt + .      :  Pulls the second argument from the last command and so on ...
And finally one more useful shortcut
Alt + ⇾ / ⇽            :  To move the cursor to the next/previous word. Very useful if you keep pressing the arrow keys to move around

So, Try out all these commands and improve your Terminal typing efficiency. And, remember the wise words of Brews Lee,
The only way to achieve Con-fu mastery is by Practice            ||  Brews Lee
Since, we are on the topic of editors, Vim is another powerful editor that does a lot of stuff. So, look at our recent article on Vim plugins , NERDTree
So, Keep Practicing and Keep Learning!

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