October 16, 2015

How to use Aliases in Linux | Superuse your Terminal

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Well, let’s face it, Linux is cool. Using Linux makes you look cool. But, for new users, may be not so much. Typing those long  commands can be a little intimidating and may even scare them off.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way, so that you won’t have to type long commands? Or even better, to create your own new commands by which you can do a lot of stuff?
You are in luck, because Aliases help you with that and much more.

What are Aliases anyway? 
Alias, as the name suggests is an alternate form of a previously existing command(s). So basically you are creating your own custom command with which you can do a lot of functions.
Enough with the definitions, let’s see an example.
Say you want to go to the Desktop folder. You would have to do something like this,

 [dsp@freblogg]$:~ cd /home/dsp/Desktop
How about instead of  typing all that, you just say desk like this and it takes you to Desktop?