August 04, 2014

The Earth is Flat | Flat Earth Society

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The earth as we know is flat! All the scientists have conspired to keep this lie from the people of the world. The Modern Astronomy Is inconsistent and the Doctrine of Spherical earth is nothing but an elaborate hoax.
At-least, that is what the people of this "Flat earth society", believe so.
The Flat Earth Society (or) The International Flat Earth Research Society is an organization which was established with an aim to expand the idea that Earth is FLAT. As, crazy as this may seem to us, this organization has been around for 200 years and is very active to this day !

Flat Earth Society Logo
How did it all start?
The idea of Flat earth is something that has been there from many centuries. It was very prevalent and was the accepted idea of the society before 4th
century BC. The main reason for this idea was the visual, physical evidence. Since, we only see the earth as a flat surface, people believed it is flat. We can't really blame anyone for this, because there aren't any practical methods available at that time to justify this idea nor did anyone thought otherwise. But, this idea was later replaced by the idea of a "Spherical Earth" because of the efforts of many ancient Asian and Greek philosophers/free thinkers.

That was the end of this Flat Earth idea, or at-least that is what most of the people thought. But, as you can see from societies like this, the idea hasn't died down yet and as surprising as it may seem, this society has a lot of members.
It was in the beginning of the 19th century that a modern hypothesis has been created supporting the idea of Flat Earth, by an English inventor named Samuel Rowbotham. He had published a 400 page book named, "Earth Not a Globe" which explains a new Astronomy he called as Zetetic Astronomy, which proposes that Earth is a flat disc centered with North pole as the center and the outer edge is bounded by a giant wall of ice (Antarctica). This society survived  until WW1, after which there was a slow decline. But, the Society again attracted a lot of publicity with the Apollo mission to the Moon. They claimed that the whole landing was a hoax, as one can expect, because that showed earth as spherical.
They didn't restrict themselves to just thoughts, they have even offered some scientific explanations for their theories, but as far as i can see, none of them were conclusively proven.

Rise and Fall:
Flat Earth society was at its very peak in late 60's and early 70's, with 3500+ active members under the leadership of Charles K. Johnson. With more and more scientific experiments and space expeditions, the number gradually dwindled to a measly 200 by 1980.  The society was at the verge of extinction by 2001, following the deaths of  Johnson and his wife, who were the major pillars of the society.

Resurrection and Modern day Activities:
Around 2005, Daniel Shenton, started a web-based forum for Flat-earth society. With its popularity, he re-launched the society in 2009, which is still active now with an Official website and a large collection of Flat-earth literature.

Flat Earth Society got so recognized,that the word Flat Earther is still used today to refer to someone who stupidly adheres to outdated ideas and philosophies.
It really is weird to find out that even in this age of science and technology, there are people who still believe that earth is flat. But, can we blame them completely?
Even today many of us have these blind faiths and ritual practices that are completely unbelievable. So, may be we aren't that better off than the Flat Earthers. What do you think?

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As, always, Have a happy reading and Stay Awesome !

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Sources: Wikipedia, FlatEarthSociety website
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