June 17, 2014

Question of the Day 1 | GATE - 2015 | ECE | EEE

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In the given circuit the input is an Voltage source which has a value of 10.u(t), where u(t) is the Unity Step Function.  The Resistance of the Resistor is 1 Ohm. And, two capacitors of 3F and 2F and connected in series to this Resistor as shown in the figure. Find the voltage across the 2F capacitor as a function of time, V(t).
Assume the Capacitors are initially carrying zero charge.
Answer will be given along with the complete solution tomorrow. So, try to solve it and check your solution with the one we will publish tomorrow.
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    1. No. It's not. One simple way you can analyse this from the basic nature of the capacitor. Capacitor is initially said to be containing no charge. So, due to the voltage source, it will charge to its maximum possible value. So, it will be a Increasing curve. U(t) on the other hand is a constant value of 1. So, the voltage across the capacitor can't be 6. u(t).
      But, you are partially right. You'll understand why once you see the solution.

  2. Solution is now available @ http://durgaswaroop.blogspot.in/2014/06/solution-question-of-day-1-gate-2015.html
    Check it out !


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