May 20, 2014

Top 5 Most Watched Videos on Youtube ever | 2014 Updated

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YouTube is the no.1 online video sharing site with billions and billions of video views per day. Here are the top 5 videos on you tube till date.Most probably these will stay for at least a couple of years in their positions until a new sensation sweeps up the entire audience. The top 5 videos ever (2014 updated) are

1) Gangnam Style - PSY
 Gangnam style is a Korean pop song by South Korean musician PSY. Originally released in July 2012, the song went on to become the most viewed you tube video ever crossing Justin Beiber's 'Baby'. The video is the first to cross billion views and is the only video ever on Youtube to cross the 2 billion mar.


2)Justin Beiber - Baby ft. Ludacris
  'Baby' is a song by Canadian artist Justin Beiber. It received positive response from the day of its release in January 2010. It went on to become a you tube sensation topping you tube charts, until it has been surpassed by Gangnam style, with more than 1 billion views and counting becoming the second video ever to cross 1 billion views.

3)Jennifer Lopez - On the Floor ft. Pitbull
 'On the Floor' is a successful single by American Singer and entertainer Jennifer Lopez(J Lo) featuring Pit-bull. Released in Feb 2011, it went on to become the most viewed of her songs on you tube with more than 780 million views


  4)Charlie bit my finger - again!
This is the only non-music list on this list. This was one of the first viral videos on youtube. It was uploaded to youtube in 2007 and is the oldest one in this list. The clip features two brothers Harry and Charlie. Charlie, the younger brother bites the finger of Harry. The father of those boys uploaded it to Youtube in May 2007 and has gone crazy viral throughout the Internet, making those two brothers a semi-celebrity status. It has got 780 million+ views till date and is still trending.


5)Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO 
"Party Rock Anthem" is a song performed by the American dance-pop recording duo, LMFAO, featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock. It has got over 750 million hits till now and still running good.


Hope you liked this article. What is your favorite video from this list? Tell us in the comments.
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