May 20, 2014

Top 5 Most Watched Videos on Youtube ever | 2014 Updated

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YouTube is the no.1 online video sharing site with billions and billions of video views per day. Here are the top 5 videos on you tube till date.Most probably these will stay for at least a couple of years in their positions until a new sensation sweeps up the entire audience. The top 5 videos ever (2014 updated) are

1) Gangnam Style - PSY
 Gangnam style is a Korean pop song by South Korean musician PSY. Originally released in July 2012, the song went on to become the most viewed you tube video ever crossing Justin Beiber's 'Baby'. The video is the first to cross billion views and is the only video ever on Youtube to cross the 2 billion mar.


May 14, 2014

How to become a Speed Cuber? | Part 2

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Finally we are back with the Part 2 of this How to become a Speed Cuber series. (For Part 1 - Click here). This article and the previous one mainly concentrate on the original Rubik's Cube, 3x3x3.

Many people liked Part-1, but one thing they wanted was me to explain each of the speed solving methods, i discussed about in detail. Well, I would like to do that for sure, but this article doesn't seem like the correct place for that. So, for now, i'll give a few links at the end of this article to a few sites and videos, that helped me with Speed Cubing. 
But, since, many people asked me to cover the methods, i'll explain the basic procedure, strategy and tips and tricks with each method in this and the successive articles in this series. Here, i need to be honest with you. Jessica Fridrich's method (CFOP), is the most popular and well used. So, as you probably can guess, I use CFOP for solving. At the same time, i know Petrus method too, So, i'll cover these two methods in great amount of detail than the other two methods (Roux and ZZ). But, i'll still give my comments on them but they are mostly from seeing others solve and not my own personal experiences. So, for these two methods i'll provide a few resources for you guys to look at, if you are interested in learning these.
So, Let's get started .

May 11, 2014

How to create Mail merge with Gmail and Google docs?

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Mail merge is a very interesting feature in every mail. And, being as popular as it is gmail supports this.
So, What is Mail merge?
Imagine you have a mail that needs to be sent to 50 of your friends/clients. One thing you can do is to add all the mail id's in the 'TO' field and send it.
This sure is one way to do it, but if you want to send a personalized message to each of them, probably something like, Hello Mr.A, for friend A and Hello Mr.B for B and so on. To be able to do this, you need to send the mails individually. Wouldn't it be easier if you can send this to all the persons at once?
Behold the Mail Merge man. He will make this task simple and easy. You just need to write a single mail and that will be sent to each of them with the corresponding personalization.