April 30, 2014

Introduction to Two Dimensional arrays | C Programming

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C Programming Language allows for the use of multidimensional arrays.
An array what we generally mean is a one - dimensional array. An array can be 1-Dimensional, 2-Dimensional, 3-Dimensional, .... so on. In this particular post (assisted by the YouTube video ) we'll learn about the Two dimensional arrays.
Two dimensional arrays will have 2 dimensions, i.e, it is extended in both horizontal and vertical directions, unlike a 1-D array which is represented in a linear form.
And, just as we can access individual elements in a 1-Dimensional array, we'll be able to access each location in the array, using the respective indices (row number, column number).
A two dimensional array with 'a' rows and 'b' columns can be defined like this.
type name_of_array [a] [b] ;
That will create a 2-Dimensional array in the memory. And, you can address the locations in this array using two indices rather than one (as in a 1-D array).
http://durgaswaroop.blogspot.in/2014/04/introduction-to-two-dimensional-arrays.htmlSo, the addressing would be something like the following (for a array named serica)
serica [0] [0]
serica [0] [1]
serica [0] [2]

serica [1] [0]
serica [1] [1]
serica [1] [2]
And, that goes on till we finish all the elements in that array.
Watch the following video which explains all these things clearly.

So, 2-Dimensional arrays are not that hard anymore, are they? Let us know your thoughts on this video. We love to hear from you.
 As always have a Happy reading !
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