April 30, 2014

Introduction to Two Dimensional arrays | C Programming

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C Programming Language allows for the use of multidimensional arrays.
An array what we generally mean is a one - dimensional array. An array can be 1-Dimensional, 2-Dimensional, 3-Dimensional, .... so on. In this particular post (assisted by the YouTube video ) we'll learn about the Two dimensional arrays.
Two dimensional arrays will have 2 dimensions, i.e, it is extended in both horizontal and vertical directions, unlike a 1-D array which is represented in a linear form.
And, just as we can access individual elements in a 1-Dimensional array, we'll be able to access each location in the array, using the respective indices (row number, column number).
A two dimensional array with 'a' rows and 'b' columns can be defined like this.
type name_of_array [a] [b] ;
That will create a 2-Dimensional array in the memory. And, you can address the locations in this array using two indices rather than one (as in a 1-D array).
http://durgaswaroop.blogspot.in/2014/04/introduction-to-two-dimensional-arrays.htmlSo, the addressing would be something like the following (for a array named serica)
serica [0] [0]
serica [0] [1]
serica [0] [2]

April 15, 2014

How to become a Speed Cuber? | Part 1

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Rubik's Cube, introduced in 80's (late 70's) is the most popular puzzle ever made. It has been sold an estimated 350 million pieces as of 2009 and its growing at an incredible rate. So, more than ever in the history of cubing, lots and lots of people are aspiring to become speed cubers. This article is dedicated to all those people wishing them the very best.

So,What is Speed Cubing?

 Speed Cubing or Speed solving is solving the Rubik's cube or any other similar puzzles quickly, as fast as possible. So, how fast are we taking about? To give you a perspective of the actual speed, here are the world records in a few categories.
3x3x3 cube - 5.55 secs
4x4x4 cube - 24.66 secs
2x2x2 cube  - 0.69 secs
5x5x5 cube - 50.50 secs

So, if you are a beginner or a person who has just started learning the cube, these may scare you a bit. But you don't need to worry. It is just a matter of the sheer amount of practice you do. This post should be able to help you with almost everything related to speed cubing.
This article is written so that it can help even the person who just just started learning to solve a cube. In other words it covers A-Z of cubing. Starting from How to solve? to finally participating in the Cubing events and ultimately being a world champion !