February 22, 2014

Why do Hard Drives and USB sticks show less space than advertised ?

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Have you always wondered why a 8GB USB drive shows less than 8GB (7.5 GB) of space and why does a 500 GB HDD shows an available space of 465GB right out of the box?
That is not because the manufacturer is cheating you or something,but it has to do with the difference in the definitions  of a GB (Giga Byte) for our computer and the manufacturer. It has to do with math.
Hate Math? We'll make it easy for you.

February 10, 2014

How to Format Placeholders? | C Programming

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Placeholders are used in printf and scanf. They act as a holder , a place for the value of the variable. In this tutorial i'll show you how you can format them so as to change the way the value of the variable gets displayed .This is just formatting the way it is displayed but thid won't change the actual value of the variable.

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February 02, 2014

Why is 'Q' always followed by 'U' ?

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Q, the seventeenth letter of English alphabet is one of the very few used letters (2nd most rare word, according to many studies and surveys across the world on the letter frequency). But in all of these  occurrences you will find it before 'U'. Well, except