June 27, 2013

TOP 5 Sports in the world

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Sports have been a very important part of human life from a very long time. It is not only a entertainment but it is also a way for individuals to appeal to the global crowd and achieve success. As the world, as we know of is advancing several sports have set them apart from others and are gaining a lot of popularity and importance. the popularity of a game is analyzed basing on many factors. A few of the important factors to consider are:
  • Liking of the audience
  • Most watched
  • Most Played
  • Most searched for (on internet)
  • Facilities
  • Participation figures
  • Estimated no.of fans etc.,

June 04, 2013

Things you don't know about STICKY NOTES in Windows

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STICKY NOTES is an inbuilt application in Windows 7 that helps you to catalogue your events and also to remember them. You can save important ideas,to-do list, meetings or any other things you want to remember just like the normal sticky notes but electronically (Save paper, save the world :)). Here are a few things you probably don't know about STICKY NOTES.

To change the color of a sticky note: