May 08, 2013

How to Resize images easily

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   Have you ever wondered  How to shrink the size of an image? How to re-size an image for my profile picture? Then this post is for you. Re-sizing an image is very useful these days either for sending it via emails or for posting it on your blog or for profile pictures in your social networking sites. So, here in this
post we'll show you how to re-size your images either a JPEG or PNG or GIF or BMP or other formats without having to install any new software and that too very easily using screen shots at each and every level.

All you need to have is PAINT, which comes pre-installed if you have a Windows. It can also be done with other photo editing softwares like Photoshop, Picasa and others but using Paint is by far the easiest of all. .

Steps to Resize an image:
1) Locate your image and open it in paint
2) I have opened this an image in Paint (a troll face :P)

3)Now, Let's say i want that image with dimensions 100 X 100 pixels
4)My actual picture is 256 X 256. Which means i can't use it directly for my purpose. I have to resize it first.
5)To resize it, go and click the resize button on the top, beside the select button

6)A dialogue box pops up. Click on pixels because the output dimensions we have are in pixels

7)Now, type in the required dimensions

8)You may want to Uncheck the 'Maintain Aspect Ratio' button.

9)That is everything you need to do. You have successfully reduced your image's dimensions. Congratulations.

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