May 05, 2013

How to download Youtube videos without any softwares

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    Does this ever happened to you that you like a you tube video so much and you want to download it so you can, may be watch it later or show it to someone else ? Well , you are in the right place. Now, we will show you an easy step by step way of how to do that ! Did I mention it's absolutely free ?

Steps to download you tube video:

1) First go to the the you tube page of the video and copy the link of the video from the address bar
Lets say this one , "" (without the quotes)

2)Then, Go to Keepvid ( and you'll welcomed by a page that looks like this

3) Then paste that link in the box and click DOWNLOAD button  which is present to your right.(Not the one below the link. Don't click that one)

4) Then  it asks for a permission to  load its script . Just check in  the box required and click  RUN. Nothing to worry about this thing. It's perfectly alright to click RUN.

 5)Then it will give a list of all the formats and resolutions along with the size of available for that video. Just click download on which ever format and which ever resolution you want for the video. Do not click the Download on the right or on the top. They will download some soft-wares in to your computer which i don't want to happen myself. So, just click on the links beside the resolution and the video will be downloaded in to your default directory for downloads where ever that is in ur computer.

6) That is all you need to do. Just enjoy the video and now you can do everything you want with the video (but don't put it public because it most likely has copyrights of some one. So, be careful)

Note:You tube doesn't like their videos getting downloaded (as far as i know). So, download videos completely on your will. Authors don't take responsibility for your actions and we won't recommend doing some thing which youtube don't like. So, Be careful and Good Luck with your downloads :)


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