May 02, 2013

How To Add a Template to your blog

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           Have you got a blogger template which looks awesome and you want your blog to look just like that ? That's what we'll show you in this tutorial. But before you upload a template file, you need to have one. So, if you already don't have one Google It and download a template. It downloads on to your computer as an XML file. Since you have a template now, Let's proceed with the tutorial.

Note: As always when ever you are going to upload a new template, it is always healthier to backup your current template, so that you can revert back if you don't like the new one. Just an advice for ya. Drop it or Take it. :)

Steps to Upload a template on to Blogger:

1)Open Your Blogger Dash Board and click on the 'TEMPLATE' button

2)Now,Click on 'BACKUP' button that is there to your right most edge

3)Now,you will see a prompt window that looks like this. Click 'Choose file'

4)Select the template which you want to upload from your computer (XML file) and click 'UPLOAD'.

5) That's all. That's everything you need to do. Share it / +1 it if it helped you. :)
Feel free to comment your success story or any problems. We'll respond ASAP.

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