April 24, 2013

How To Unlock Widgets In Blogger

17:16 Posted by DurgaSwaroop , , 4 comments
                 By default most of the widgets in Blogger are not locked , i.e., you can edit them by clicking on 'edit' and even remove them completely (if u want) from the 'LAYOUT' section. But You might have noticed some widgets like Navbar widget, Header widget, Attribution widget by default comes locked. So, You can't edit them directly. Here i'll show you how to UNLOCK them to make them editable and then you can do        what ever you want with them.Here is a easy step wise procedure to help you through till the end.

How To UNLOCK : 

1)Open Your Blogger Dash Board and click on the 'TEMPLATE' button

2)Now,Click on 'EDIT HTML' button beside 'Customize'

3)Now,Click on 'JUMP TO WIDGET' in the top

4)Select what ever widget you want to edit in the Drop down menu.
(For now, I am choosing NAVBAR)

5)It will take you to the corresponding code segment of that particular widget. Now, Just find locked = 'true' and change 'true' to 'false'

6)Now, Click on 'SAVE TEMPLATE' in the top menu and that's it. You have successfully UNLOCKED your LOCKED widget. Congratulations for a Job Well Done !!! 



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