April 24, 2013

Classic Changer

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Once  in a conference,a very old man was asked :
“What’s the difference between Dreamer and Dream Changer?”

He demonstrated using colored chalks ,writing on the board
  •  Dreamer  with red chalk
  • Dream Changer  with green chalk
and then he asked everyone to explain what they understand, everyone gave their answers.....

He asked them “how many of you thought that this ...writing in  different colors may be the concept behind it”
Many of them accepted.
Then he  answered ,look when i wrote “Many of  you are in a state what i call dreaming ….then you are all Dreamers….you are like that red chalked writer  which is a signal  for  dangerous things …can be dangerous if we don’t use that signal in a way that dream has to be …it will be in Danger.

Conclusion:   Dreamer is like a  red button which can be very useful while implementing Dreams ….otherwise…………you red button is a button …

Now when i give  my answer some of you accept  …and others don’t .What a Dream Changer means “Dream “C”Hanger” (See Dream in a hanging way).That is the one who can do anything for that dream.Like a green one.


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