March 31, 2013

List of Countries in ASIA

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List of Countries in ASIA:

        Asia is the largest continent among all the seven in terms of area and population.It has almost 60% of the world's population with the two most populous countries (CHINA & INDIA) in it.It is surrounded by Pacific ocean in the east,Europe in the west,Indian Ocean in the south and Arctic ocean in the north. Major languages of Asia are Chinese,Hindi, Korean,Japanese.It is a home to various religions like Hinduism,Buddhism,Islam,Christianity,Taoism etc. A few of many great cities being Beijing, New Delhi, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Jakarta, Bombay etc. Here is a list of all the 51 countries in it.

6)East Timor

Entanglement game wiki

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     Entanglement is a single player puzzle game written in html 5 developed by Gopherwood studios. Its one of the coolest among the games of its kind. The main aim of the game is to build as long path as possible by rotating, turning hexagonal shaped tiles before you knock out the path by hitting one of the barricades.You can always upload your scores and you can compare your scores with the top 100 players of that day. So,Do check it out. You will surely love that game.
You can play it online here
You can install the app from Google Chrome Web store from here

March 28, 2013

Top 10 Laziest Countries

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Top 10 laziest countries:

Before going in to the list of countries, i would like to say this wasn't meant to offend anyone in any way.



3)Saudi Arabia


March 20, 2013

Samsung's 'SMART WATCH'

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                 APPLE Vs SAMSUNG 

Seems like the recent news of APPLE'S 'SMART WATCH' (?) has reached SAMSUNG, their biggest rival. And now there is a wide spread talk going on that Samsung is working on a wrist watch which has all the SMART characteristics to compete with Apple's wide range market and most probably to their 'iWATCH'(or whatever they want to call it). Source says that this device will do many tasks of a smart phone.                

                 We just have to wait till the company does a official statement on this but until then it seems like Samsung don't want to let out the news.So, Until then stay tuned to my blog for further updates!!!


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