January 15, 2013


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1)Taxidermy: Taxidermy is the art (science) of preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of animals (most likely vertebrates) for display in some exhibition or museums in a life-like state.

2)Ixnay: Stop, reject etc.

3)Cauldron: Large kettle, Boiler

4)Ichthyology: Study of fish

5)Galeocerdo Cuvier: Tiger Shark

6)Touché: To agree that the opponent has made a good point in the argument

7)Catharsis: Process of releasing strong, repressed emotions there by getting relief

8)Diplomatic Immunity: A policy held between the governments that ensure that     diplomats are given safe passage and are considered non-susceptible for any sort of lawsuits or cases against him in the host country.
        (Vienna convention on Diplomatic Relations - 1961)

9)Eisoptrophobia: Fear of one's own reflection

10)Catoptrophobia: Fear of mirrors


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