November 19, 2013

What is BITCOIN ? | Swaroop's Blog

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Bitcoins have been the talk of the economic world ever since US senate has decided to take them seriously. So, for those who don't know about Bitcoins, this article gives you a quick overview of it.
So,What is Bitcoin?
                 Bit coin is a Decentralized, digital, peer to peer (P 2 P), crypto currency. That is too many techy words in one sentence. So, let's break it down part by part and try to understand what it means.
  • Decentralized -  There is no central authority or bank to create Bit coins unlike the regular currency, where a central monetary authority prints (mints) it and distributes it.
  • Digital Currency - It is electronics money (e-cash) that can act as an alternative currency. Not to be confused with Virtual money, because this is real deal. You can use this to buy real goods and things.

October 30, 2013

Even Numbers & Odd Numbers !!

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Numbers are very interesting things. Even and Odd numbers have many interesting Properties. One such interesting property have been explained in the following video with examples. So, watch it and have fun :)


August 23, 2013

August 16, 2013

Spontaneous Human Combustion - A Rare Medical Condition

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What is SHC ?
Spontaneous Human Combustion is the burning of human body without any apparent external source of fire (as if it is internal).  It is a very rare and strange phenomenon and many people have put forth many hypotheses to explain this medical condition, but no one knows the exact reason for this but the proposed theories often include supernatural sources and new sub-atomic particles. The scientists obviously don't believe in supernatural and ghosty stuff, neither did they ever found the evidence of the so called sub-atomic particle. Here are the reasons they believe causes SHC.

August 12, 2013

How does a solar power system work ?

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Solar power systems contain several components which work together to convert the sun's energy into electrical power that can be connected to a building’s standard electrical infrastructure and/or the utility grid. The following are the some of the major parts of a typical solar power system instalment.

July 07, 2013

Keyboard Lights go DISCO | Cool Notepad Trick

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We all use keyboard for typing. But how many of you can play with your keyboard?
This is an interesting and fun way to make the LED's on your Keyboard blink in Disco Style. Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock are the three LED's which we'll use for this program. With the following code we can make them blink rhythmically. This trick can be used as a prank to fool your friends. This is a small program written in Visual Basic. So, if you are familiar with VB you can tweak it a little or else you can just work with the program given below. 

1. Open Notepad on your computer
2. Copy the following code and paste in to the Notepad file
Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 400
wshshell.sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}"

June 27, 2013

TOP 5 Sports in the world

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Sports have been a very important part of human life from a very long time. It is not only a entertainment but it is also a way for individuals to appeal to the global crowd and achieve success. As the world, as we know of is advancing several sports have set them apart from others and are gaining a lot of popularity and importance. the popularity of a game is analyzed basing on many factors. A few of the important factors to consider are:
  • Liking of the audience
  • Most watched
  • Most Played
  • Most searched for (on internet)
  • Facilities
  • Participation figures
  • Estimated no.of fans etc.,

June 04, 2013

Things you don't know about STICKY NOTES in Windows

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STICKY NOTES is an inbuilt application in Windows 7 that helps you to catalogue your events and also to remember them. You can save important ideas,to-do list, meetings or any other things you want to remember just like the normal sticky notes but electronically (Save paper, save the world :)). Here are a few things you probably don't know about STICKY NOTES.

To change the color of a sticky note:

May 12, 2013

How To Password Protect your Folders without using software

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Are you insecure of your privacy? Do you want to keep your secret files hidden from other people like your friends or brothers & sisters? Then here is an easy way to We are going to create password protected folder without using any software just using batch script file(.bat).
  • Decide where you want to have your PRIVATE folder first. It could be on your desktop or in your C Drive or somewhere else.
  • Now open 'Notepad' and copy the following code into it. 

May 11, 2013

Matrix Rain / Falling Matrix code : Notepad trick

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Have you watched the movie matrix? If you have watched it you would surely have noticed the green coded numbers running up and down (also called Matrix Rain) on the screen. In this That falling code trick is very easy to create on your own. Now, I'll show you how to do that.

1)Open Notepad on your computer
2)Now, copy and paste the following code in to Notepad

May 10, 2013

May 08, 2013

HTML5 Canvas Basics part-3

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                                           Drawing a line 

       Now that we have setup canvas and context, it's time for methods ..before we get into that ,we just have to note that the pixel(coordinate) convention ,as canvas is a '2d' grid ,the upper left corner is (0,0) ==> (x,y).
and as we move to the right x coordinate increases , if we go down y coordinate increases.

       For drawing a line we first go to the point where we want to start the line and from that position we draw a line to the end point.So we need two points.
We do that using different methods( ) 
  • beginPath( ) - declareswhere we are about to draw the new path
  • moveTo( ) - it positions the context point
  • lineTo( ) - it draws a straight line from starting point to ending point
  • stroke( ) - to fill the outline of the path.(by default stroke =0 )

How to Resize images easily

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   Have you ever wondered  How to shrink the size of an image? How to re-size an image for my profile picture? Then this post is for you. Re-sizing an image is very useful these days either for sending it via emails or for posting it on your blog or for profile pictures in your social networking sites. So, here in this
post we'll show you how to re-size your images either a JPEG or PNG or GIF or BMP or other formats without having to install any new software and that too very easily using screen shots at each and every level.

HTML5 Canvas Basics Part - 2

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Canvas Overview :
   As we have told earlier, canvas specifies a certain space on the web page. So we can have multiple canvas in the same page. Then it would be difficult to keep track of all of them at once. That is why, we alwaysid attribute' to each canvas, so that we can  refer to them in the script, We have the width and height attribute to define the size of the canvas. (The below message will be displayed on your webpage if you have opened the code in a browser which doesn't support canvas)

<canvas id="myCanvas" width="200" height="100">It seems your browser doesn't 
support canvas. Please upgrade to newer version of browser.</canvas>

May 07, 2013

HTML5 Graphics : Canvas Basics Part - I

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     We are hearing more about HTML 5 now-a-days. It is the future of web development. Even though it is still in progress it is supported by many browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE (current versions).
HTML 5 logo by W3C
What exactly is it ? What's so special about that?
 HTML 5 will be the new standard  for HTML.It has many interesting features which will make our work more easier and better.
Some of those are:

May 06, 2013

10 Facts about You!!

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   People always use the expression 'back of my hand' as an indication that they are familiar with their body. But, how much do you know about yourself? Here are some interesting facts that might surprise you
creative commons attribution - Author : 'Przykuta'  imagelink

May 05, 2013

How to download Youtube videos without any softwares

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    Does this ever happened to you that you like a you tube video so much and you want to download it so you can, may be watch it later or show it to someone else ? Well , you are in the right place. Now, we will show you an easy step by step way of how to do that ! Did I mention it's absolutely free ?

May 02, 2013

How To Add a Template to your blog

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           Have you got a blogger template which looks awesome and you want your blog to look just like that ? That's what we'll show you in this tutorial. But before you upload a template file, you need to have one. So, if you already don't have one Google It and download a template. It downloads on to your computer as an XML file. Since you have a template now, Let's proceed with the tutorial.

Note: As always when ever you are going to upload a new template, it is always healthier to backup your current template, so that you can revert back if you don't like the new one. Just an advice for ya. Drop it or Take it. :)

Steps to Upload a template on to Blogger:

1)Open Your Blogger Dash Board and click on the 'TEMPLATE' button

April 30, 2013

HTML5 Canvas + Javascript

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April 29, 2013

Return Values of printf() and scanf()

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           Most of people who know C Programming knows about printf( ) and  scanf() functions .We start using them when we begin learning C programming just assuming they are standard input and output functions ....but when we  come to learn functions ...sometimes we tend to look down upon these functions and neglect them as we have used them so many times. But that is a mistake.

printf("Let's correct our mistake by reading this Post");
printf("Just skip this many posts are awaiting you");
printf ( ) ?

April 28, 2013


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 Display is given below:

1)Click on the box to select ur choice
2)Below the play area, the name of the player who has to make the move is given (either Player 'x' or Player 'O')
3)To play again, just reload the page 

This is written using Javascript ...

April 26, 2013

List of Commands for RUN

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The following are the list of commands you can use in your Windows 'RUN' prompt to easily open many applications.
To Open Run , you can type 'Run' in search or use the shortcut, 
 'window button' + R.
Then you put any of these in to that and you can get the desired output. This is the sort of like command line environment and you may think it is outdated. But, trust meonce u start using it you don't wonna stop it. Even for those who thinks 'command line' is a complete waste of time, just once start using it. It is always good to have a change over. Who knows, you may even change your mind :)
This is the list. Enjoy !!

  • Administrative Tools = control admin tools
  • Calculator = calc
  • Command Prompt = cmd

How to add a FLYOUT menu to your blog

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     Now that we have seen how to add drop down menu's to our blog...if you didn't ,go checkout that using the link provided. Sometimes we want menu on the left side like 'FLY OUT'  menu. So in this article we will show you how to add such fly out menu to our blog..

1) Open your Blogger dashboard click on the " TEMPLATE " button.

2) Now click on 'EDIT HTML' button beside 'Customize' button .

3)Now,click on Jump to widget on the top.

How To add an awesome DROP DOWN MENU BAR

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      Every body want to have their blog good looking. Drop down menu's are one of the very essential elements in this. These are very important because the first thing a user looks on your blog is the menu's. A Good and Beautiful Menu gives a good first impression for the viewer and makes him to come back to your blog again. So, here in this article we will show you how to add a beautiful and awesome looking drop down menu.Read the instructions carefully and add this Menu to your blog. Don't forget to share this article with your friends from the social tab on top.

April 24, 2013

C program for Anagram checking

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      The below program is to check whether two words are anagrams or not.The concept used is that we store the frequency of an alphabet in a word .By checking those counts we determine whether they are anagrams  or not ....count same == anagrams.

#include <stdio.h>
int anagramchecker(char [],char []); //declaration of funtion
int main()
   char word1[50], word2[50];
   printf("Enter first word:\n");
   printf("Enter second word:\n");
   anagramchecker(word1,word2); //calling function to check anagrams
   getch(); return 0;

Restart Your Computer Using C Program

You can easily do all your typical system operations using C programming. This article will show you how to restart from C programming console. Just Compile and execute the following program.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
   char Restart;
   printf("Do you want to restart your computer now (y/n)\n");
   if (Restart== 'y' ||Restart == 'Y')
      system("C:\\windows\\System32\\shutdown /r"); //for windows 7
//  system("C:\\windows\\System32\\shutdown -r"); for windows xp

/* for ubuntu linux
      system("shutdown -"your option") */

   return 0;

 This program calls the system function of "stdlib.h" which is used to execute  shutdown.exe which is present in C:\windows\system32 in Windows XP,Windows 7. For more options take a look at this.

Classic Changer

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Once  in a conference,a very old man was asked :
“What’s the difference between Dreamer and Dream Changer?”

He demonstrated using colored chalks ,writing on the board
  •  Dreamer  with red chalk
  • Dream Changer  with green chalk
and then he asked everyone to explain what they understand, everyone gave their answers.....

He asked them “how many of you thought that this ...writing in  different colors may be the concept behind it”

Third man in the Party

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Ever heard of this statement  ”Third man in the party”.

    If are a maths man you might have heard in the different in the way 
you need third variable in the swapping of two numbers.The variable which we don’t need, but we use that for desired the third man.

    For a homely person ..he thinks of  a party ..actually he invited some people to his party …but he had to invite some one whom he doesn’t
so as not to loose his reputation..even though the third man‘s effect not much in the party ..but there is some linch in the first man(host).

    What actually is the third is Our mind because of this we are getting the third variable…we do have to control our mind.

How To Unlock Widgets In Blogger

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                 By default most of the widgets in Blogger are not locked , i.e., you can edit them by clicking on 'edit' and even remove them completely (if u want) from the 'LAYOUT' section. But You might have noticed some widgets like Navbar widget, Header widget, Attribution widget by default comes locked. So, You can't edit them directly. Here i'll show you how to UNLOCK them to make them editable and then you can do        what ever you want with them.Here is a easy step wise procedure to help you through till the end.

How To UNLOCK : 

1)Open Your Blogger Dash Board and click on the 'TEMPLATE' button

Copying folders and files

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int main ()
 int i;
 printf ("\n");
 i = system(" XCOPY [source path] [destination path] [options] ");
 printf ("Returned value is: %d.\n",i);
        return 0;

Copy files and/or directories to another folder. XCOPY is similar to the COPY

Know Your Current Directory | Using C Programming

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The below program shows the usage of system() function to list down all the files and directories in the current directory:
#include<stdlib.h> //system( ) is included in this library

int main ()
       int i;
       printf ("\n");
       i=system ("dir");// on windows
       // i=system ("ls"); on linux or unix platforms
       printf ("Returned value is: %d.\n",i);
       return 0;
Another way

System( ) Function in stdlib.h Library

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The C library function system() passes the command name or program name specified by a command to the host environment to be executed by the command processor. After the execution of the command it returns a value depending on the status of the execution. 

To use this function,
 int system( const  char *command )    
         When you call this function, It  will invoke the command processor to execute a command. If the command execution is terminated the processor will trasnfer the control back to the program that has called the system command.

                 String containing name of system command or requested variable. 

Return Value:
            It will return an integer value, but the interpretation of that is system dependant. So, on different systems it gets interpreted differently. If an error occured in the program execution, '-1' is returned, Ootherwise it returns the status of command.

Click here to know how you can restart your computer using system function. 

As, always, Have a happy reading and Stay Awesome !
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April 23, 2013

Generating Random Numbers in php

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   Generating random numbers in php using rand ( ) function.
Unlike rand( ) function in C programming which takes no arguments , rand function in php has arguments ,
                                  int rand(int $min ,int $max)

By this  we can get a random number in the required range ,specifying minmum and maximum numbers.If we call without any arguments , rand( ) returns a pseudo-random integer between 0 and getrandmax().

Random Numbers Generation

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Random Number generation is very important aspect of many games, Cryptographic key generation and for other programs with a lot of outcomes. Let us take a look at how we generate those in C language and PHP. 
Before you proceed to the explanation, you need to know that a computer can never generate a Random number. It has to use some parameters to generate that number and so such numbers can never truly be Random. So, they are called Pseudo-Random Numbers and this tutorial deals with these. 

We have a built-in library function namely 'int rand(void )' in C. It gives the random number between 0 and RANDMAX. 
The value of RANDMAX is entirely library dependent, but it is guaranteed to be at least 32767 on any standard library implementation.

Then how to get numbers in the range we want ?
Let's say we want numbers only in between 100 and 1000. It is not directly possible with rand().
We have to use some of our math skills here with the use of  the operator , modulo (%).
I am very sure that you have used this operator before. It gives the remainder when one number is divided by another. (Check this tutorial if you are unsure)

The classy part of using this operator is that the remainder is always less than divider. So, the expression "X % 101" (X is some number) gives always a number less than 101 and greater than or equal to zero.

Let's come to our question , to generate numbers in between 100(101=min) and 1000(999=max) ,we need the expression
                                      result = rand( ) % 899 +101
where 899 is max-min+1 (999-101+1).

Playing With Images Using CSS

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Bottom image Top image

Hover on the image above

This type of transitions we actually see in image gallaries..This has traditionally been done in javascript by iterating over the opacity. Using CSS to make these transitions is much easier and you can easily add that to your site.

On Hover 'Opacity Change' with absolute positioning 
First HTML markup ,it is just placing two images and giving class names to each,

<div id="transition">
        <img class="hide" src="image1.jpg"/>
        <img class="unhide" src="image2.jpg"/>
Then CSS:
       Look at the property of top image on hover ..we make opacity zero.So that the image behind the top image appears ....we have transition of of 1 sec ease-in-out...
Here the important thing is we have to make images position absolute so that  one image hides behind the other.we can give different transitions like this..

Really you don't need to remember all these code ...there  are many online generators that doe this work for us...
Take a look at this CSS transition generator

     margin:0 auto;

#transition img 


     -webkit-transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out;
     -moz-transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out;
     -o-transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out;
      transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out;

#transition img.unhide:hover

CSS BluePrint

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           Blueprint is a CSS framework, which aims to cut down on your development time. It gives you a solid foundation to build your project on top of, with an easy-to-use grid, sensible typography, useful plugins, and even a stylesheet for printing.  
         Blueprint, builds a solid foundation to build your project with an easy-to-use gird, sensible typography, useful plugins and a stylesheet for printing and also tools, editors and templates with print styles and form styles.

CSS Tidy

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   Many of us want our home clean and tidy..but it can't be done very simply unless we are very careful..If we optimize our CSS code we have faster loading pages and traffic costs. So both we and our visitors benefit from an optimization. This application (CSS Tidy) works for us to do that job. It is available as executable file (available for Windows, Linux and OSX).
  CSSTidy  is an open source application that fixes ,parses and optimizes our CSS code to reduce risks.
  It  also finds and removes redundant styles and properties. We can also adjust CSS's tidy settings depending on our compression ratio. Check out examples here ...

How to make Presentations online easily

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Presentations Online Made Easy
Are you Thinking about giving an online presentation so that it will be available to world outside....then this post will help you.
    RVL.IO is the correct place to your presentations.It is just one way go after login. The various features it offers are....
  • Easy Editior

    The editor easy to use. Presentation styles are applied to the slides even while you are editing them them so you'll know exactly what you're doing and what you are going to get as your final output.  
  • Writing and styling

    There's a wide variety of themes and transitions to choose from to make sure your presentation stands out from the rest and all the things move exactly in the you wanted them to.

April 22, 2013


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Try anagramating DILIP VENGSARKAR
1)You just have to come up with something from the given letters itself.
2)No more letters are to be used. Not even with less than the given letters.
3)All the given letters have to be accounted for
4)You must post your answers only in the comments below
5)Answer will be declared the next day

Why is porn so addictive ?

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Why Is Pornography So Addictive ?

     Have you ever wondered why Pornography is so addictive and why many people get addicted to it! You will find out everything about this during the course of this article.
     25% of the total search requests to any search engine is porn, though some people believe that it is a lot higher than those numbers. It is also the 4th most common reason given by people for going to the internet. Some stats even show that pornography is affecting the life of every individual on the face of the planet either directly or indirectly.
         Pornography addiction is spreading like an epidemic these days. Never in the history of Internet was porn as crucial and active as is in these days and it has changed from a global phenomenon to a global problem very fast. Some stats are showing that Pornography constitutes to about
          Pornography is in many ways like a drug to the brain and with continuous exposure people find themselves addicted to it and their tolerance increases much like any other drug. Just like a drug it leads to the loss of control over oneself and compulsiveness to engage in the activity more despite of the negative consequences. Long term exposure may lead to permanent changes in the neural network. Dopamine (DA) is produced when ever we feel happy or accomplish something. This Dopamine sort of  re-wires your brain to perform the same action again and again thus leading to addiction. So, what is produced as a New-Normal becomes more and more evident and our brain/body craves for this Dopamine to regain that new Homeostasis (the new equilibrium). This Dopamine is produced during sexual excitement and now you know the reason for addiction. Along with Dopamine some other hormones like Serotonin, Norepinephrine

     The more of Pornography you watch the more Dopamine (DA) is released
 and the more you will be forced to watch again forming a 'Trap Cycle', coming out of which is very difficult. More over, the more you watch the more your tolerance increases and it becomes more difficult to get turned on by Reality. This may also lead to finding your mate less attractive.
                    Here Comes the GOOD NEWS. As our brain is a USE IT or LOSE IT system the addicted people still have a way out. The neural connections which you use tend to get Stronger and Stronger while those which you don't tend to get weakened and ultimately you tend to lose those qualities. So, Get more good habits and Avoid or Ignore the bad habits and you will come out of the Trap Cycle. Some experts view pornography as a dysfunctional view of society towards sexuality.
     Any way now you know that Pornography become a great problem to a person and it potentially capable of getting you in to troubles. So, beware and BE AWARE.  :)


April 10, 2013

Top 5 Youtube channels

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      Since its beginning in 2005 till now, You tube has been a place for millions and billions of video-watching people. There are probably hundreds of millions of people using youtube daily and many of them have got many subscribers as well. So, here are the Top 5 Subscribed channels of youtube / Most Subscribed channels of youtube.

 Type : Comedy & Fun
 Total No. of Subscribers :17.35 million and still ticking
 Total Video Views : 2.29 billion views and counting
 No.of Videos Uploaded :375+
 Date Joined : 19th November 2005
 Popular Video : Beef'n go

2)Ray William Johnson
 Type: Comedy & Fun
 Total No. of Subscribers : 10.7 million and still roaring up
 Total Video Views : 2.27 billion views and still pretty hot
 No.of Videos Uploaded : 680+
 Popular Video : DON'T CALL ME FAT!!

 Type: Comedy & Fun
 Total No. of Subscribers : 12 million+ and still jumping
 Total Video Views : 1.4 billion views and moving
 No.of Videos Uploaded : 180+
 Date Joined : 20th July 2006
 Popular Video : Nice Guys

 Type: Music & Entertainment
 Total No. of Subscribers : 12 million+ and still increasing
 Total Video Views : 3.5 billion views and growing
 No.of Videos Uploaded : 80+
 Date Joined : 11th May 2009
 Popular Video : Rihanna - What's My Name? ft. Drake

 Type: Gaming & Entertainment
 Total No. of Subscribers :11 million and still ticking
 Total Video Views : 4.19 billion views  and counting
 No.of Videos Uploaded : 24,300+
 Popular Video : Avatar Trailer The Movie (New Extended HD Trailer)

Other Articles You May Like:

All the stats presented above are subjected to drastic changes and at times can be inaccurate and outdated. We do not take any responsibility for any problems caused because of using these values. If they are brought to our notice they will soon be updated. User discretion is advised!

April 06, 2013

Top 5 Most Watched Videos on Youtube ever

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YouTube is the no.1 online video sharing site with billions and billions of video views per day. Here are the top 5 videos on you tube till date.Most probably these will stay for at least a couple of years in their positions until a new sensation sweeps up the entire audience. The top 5 videos ever are
See the 2014 update here

1) Gangnam Style - PSY
 Gangnam style is a Korean pop song by South Korean musician PSY. Originally released in July 2012, the song went on to become the most viewed you tube video ever crossing Justin Beiber's 'Baby'. The video is the first to cross billion views with more than 1.9 billion views and counting and closing in on 2 Billion views.

2)Justin Beiber - Baby ft. Ludacris
  'Baby' is a song by Canadian artist Justin Beiber. It received positive response from the day of its release in January 2010. It went on to become a you tube sensation topping you tube charts, until it has been surpassed by Gangnam style, with more than 1 billion views and counting becoming the second video ever to cross 1 billion views.

3)Jennifer Lopez - On the Floor ft. Pitbull
 'On the Floor' is a successful single by American Singer and entertainer Jennifer Lopez(J Lo) featuring Pit-bull. Released in Feb 2011, it went on to become the most viewed of her songs on you tube with more than 750 million views

4)Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna
 'Love the Way you lie' is a hit single from the album Recovery by  American rapper Eminem and chorus by Rihanna. The song won several awards and nominations and was praised as the best work of Eminem. It got about 690 million hits till now and still running good approaching 700 million.

5)LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft.Lauren Bennett, Goon Rock
 'Part Rock Anthem' is a song performed by American duo LMFAO featuring Bennett and Goon Rock. It exploded on the internet and became the second fastest song to reach 7 million downloads mark. The song was released in March 2011. It stood in the 5th place in youtube charts with 680 million+ views and still staying solid.

April 04, 2013

Internet Abbreviations & Acronyms

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Abbreviations/Acronyms/General Slang:

               A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
The Internet
  • @ -  At
  • (y) - Thumb's Up
  • 1334 - LEET
  • 2NITE - Tonight
  • 2MORO - Tomorrow
  • 4 - For
  • 4EVER - Forever 
  • AAA - Anywhere Anyplace Anytime
  • ABD - Already Been Done
  • ABT - About
  • ADC - Analog to Digital Converter
  • ADD - Advanced Dumbass Disorder
  • AFAP - As Far As Possible
  • AIGHT - All Right
  • AKA - Also Known As
  • ALS - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ( A serious disease that affects neurons in brain & spinal cord and makes them to degenerate)
  • AMG - Ah, My God
  • ANSI - American National Standards Institute
  • APB  - All Points Bulletin (American Police Terminology)
  • API  - Application Programming Interface
  • ASAP - As Soon As Possible
  • ASCII - American national Standard for Code and Information Interchange
  • ASL - Age Sex & Location
  • ASL - American Sign Language
  • ASLP - Age, Sex, Location & Picture

April 03, 2013

Moon Geun Young

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        Moon Geun Young is a South Korean actress and model. She is affectionately called "Korean's little sister". She has got the reputation of being a mass puller. She is also a huge humanist. She has donated huge amounts of money for various charities (many times anonymously)

1)Lover's Concerto (2002)
2)A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)
3)My Little Bride  (2004)
4)Innocent Steps  (2005)
5)Love Me Not   (2006)
 Apart from these movies she has also acted in many TV dramas which have been a huge hit

April 01, 2013

Happy April Fools Day

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Happy April Fools Day to every body. Have a happy fooling !!!


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The following is the list of highest grossing films world wide adjusted with inflation and ticket prices. This is done because of the fact that commercially successful old movies can never get featured in the present day list. So, the following list is an estimate made considering those factors(at least approximately). The top 5 movies in this list are:

1)Gone with the wind(1939)


3)Star wars(1977)


5)The Sound of Music(1965)

March 31, 2013

List of Countries in ASIA

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List of Countries in ASIA:

        Asia is the largest continent among all the seven in terms of area and population.It has almost 60% of the world's population with the two most populous countries (CHINA & INDIA) in it.It is surrounded by Pacific ocean in the east,Europe in the west,Indian Ocean in the south and Arctic ocean in the north. Major languages of Asia are Chinese,Hindi, Korean,Japanese.It is a home to various religions like Hinduism,Buddhism,Islam,Christianity,Taoism etc. A few of many great cities being Beijing, New Delhi, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Jakarta, Bombay etc. Here is a list of all the 51 countries in it.

6)East Timor

Entanglement game wiki

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     Entanglement is a single player puzzle game written in html 5 developed by Gopherwood studios. Its one of the coolest among the games of its kind. The main aim of the game is to build as long path as possible by rotating, turning hexagonal shaped tiles before you knock out the path by hitting one of the barricades.You can always upload your scores and you can compare your scores with the top 100 players of that day. So,Do check it out. You will surely love that game.
You can play it online here
You can install the app from Google Chrome Web store from here

March 28, 2013

Top 10 Laziest Countries

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Top 10 laziest countries:

Before going in to the list of countries, i would like to say this wasn't meant to offend anyone in any way.



3)Saudi Arabia


March 20, 2013

Samsung's 'SMART WATCH'

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                 APPLE Vs SAMSUNG 

Seems like the recent news of APPLE'S 'SMART WATCH' (?) has reached SAMSUNG, their biggest rival. And now there is a wide spread talk going on that Samsung is working on a wrist watch which has all the SMART characteristics to compete with Apple's wide range market and most probably to their 'iWATCH'(or whatever they want to call it). Source says that this device will do many tasks of a smart phone.                

                 We just have to wait till the company does a official statement on this but until then it seems like Samsung don't want to let out the news.So, Until then stay tuned to my blog for further updates!!!


                                                         DURGA SWAROOP

February 19, 2013

Nicholaus Copernicus' 540th birthday

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        Today(19th Feb) is a great day in the history of mankind. This is the day when Nicholaus Copernicus, a great astronomer and Renaissance Mathematician was born. probably there would be no one who hasn't heard about this great man. He was one of the path shifters of our science and its understanding. He was the one of the early astronomers who believed and proposed the HELIO-CENTRIC THEORY which states that Sun is at the center, which was contrary to the belief everyone had till then. Many have threatened him and abused him. But he didn't even try to stop thinking about this great theory. Finally after many years of research we now believe his theory. A very very Happy birthday to this great and wonderful man.  

                                    ----- Durga Swaroop Perla (DSP)

February 17, 2013

Napolean was not shortt !!!!

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It was usually thought of by many people that Napoleon Bonaparte,a prominent French political leader and Emperor and a famous celebrity all over the world, was short and his height was given to be around 5'2"(5 Feet  2 Inches).

January 15, 2013


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1)Taxidermy: Taxidermy is the art (science) of preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of animals (most likely vertebrates) for display in some exhibition or museums in a life-like state.

2)Ixnay: Stop, reject etc.

3)Cauldron: Large kettle, Boiler