December 04, 2012

Tips for Digital Design/Digital Electronics Exams

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  1. Don't worry if you didn't attend all the lectures.[I'm sure you will not understand anything anyway :)]
  2. Try not to read from the lecture slides (from experience)
  3. Better to read from the text book itself.It explains many concepts (because your lecturer can't and that is why you are reading this article!!)
  4. Better to start reading from at least a week before the finals if u plan to do it from text book
  5. Start from the middle of the book(that is from where the important things start.You won't be asked about bits and bytes in the exam anyway)
  6. First complete the theory.Later, you can move on to solving problems.(trust me.That's the best way to do it)
  7. One very important thing, If you are comfortable with staying awake all night and still writing the exam, go for it. Don't listen to your friends in this matter.Wake up for the maximum possible time(if u r okay with that)
  8. Never ever discuss your finished topics or yet to finish topics with your friends.They will waste you a lot of time and it may even lead to you losing your confidence
  9. Most important thing,Don't drink much water just before the exam :p
 That's for the tips.Everything else depends on you. So, Good luck for the test and HAPPY READING.
If you have any other tips that worked for you let me know so that i can share them here for others benefit.

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