February 26, 2015

YouTube's Most Watched Videos | TOP 10 | UPDATED

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Psy Gentleman | Swaroop's BlogEver since Psy's Gangnam Style has crossed 2 Billion views, the only reason i go to that video is to check the number of views it has got. Many of you might be doing the same thing. And, quite recently Katy Perry's Dark Horse and Taylor Swift's Blank Space has crossed the 1 Billion mark becoming the third and fourth videos respectively to achieve this. And, there have been many new changes in the list. So, its time for another snapshot of the current top 10 videos of YouTube.
To look at the list from last year, here.

Not surprisingly all of them are Music Videos, because we all love music, except for the Charlie video which we absolutely love and adore.
So, Let's see how each of these videos is doing starting with #1, Gangnam Style.

1) Gangnam Style - PSY
          Release Date: July 15, 2012
          Total Number of Views: 2.3 Billion
Gangnam style is a Korean pop song by South Korean musician PSY. The song went on to become the most viewed video on YouTube, crossing Justin Beiber's 'Baby'. The video is the first to cross One billion views and is the only video on YouTube to cross the 2 billion mark.


2) Justin Beiber - Baby ft. Ludacris
          Release Date: Feb 19, 2010
          Total Number of Views: 1.18 Billion
Baby is a song by Canadian artist Justin Beiber. It went on to become a you tube sensation topping you tube charts, until it has been surpassed by Gangnam style. Baby is the second  YouTube video ever to cross 1 billion views.


3)Katy Perry - Dark Horse ft. Juicy J
          Release Date: Feb 20, 2014
          Total Number of Views: 1.02 Billion
Dark Horse is a song by Katy Perry, released as part of her album Prism. The video was an smash hit and secured the current third place surpassing many popular videos. It is also the third video to surpass the 1 Billion views


4)Taylor Swift - Blank Space
          Release Date: Nov 10, 2014
          Total Number of Views: 1 Billion
Blank Space is a song by Taylor Swift from her 2014 album 1989. The song was a critical and commercial success and it topped the Music charts on many countries. It is the fourth video to cross 1 Billion views and is the third fastest video to reach that mark.
5)Katy Perry - Roar
          Release Date: Sep 5, 2013
          Total Number of Views: 980 Million
Roar is an inspirational song performed by Katy perry with powerful lyrics centering around Believing in ourselves and self-empowerment. The video has been quite popular from its release especially for the funky poppy beat and the Roar-off between a tiger and Katy. 


6)Enrique Iglesias - Bailando
         Release Date: April, 2014
         Total Number of Views: 950 Million
Bailando is a Spanish song by singer Enrique Iglesias. The video which was an Instant hit quickly got into Top 10 pushing out, "Charlie Bit My Finger", the oldest video in Top10. With this in the Top10, all the 10 videos are Music videos. Not surprisingly this is the newest one on the list.


7)Meghan Trainor  - All About That Bass
          Release Date: Jun 11, 2014
          Total Number of Views: 920 Million
 All About That Bass is a song by American Singer Meghan Trainor from her 2014 debut album Title. Both the song and the video received favorable reviews for its light hearted nature and vintage melody. The video became a viral success and was one of the most streamed videos of 2014.


8)Taylor Swift  - Shake It Off
          Release Date: Aug 18, 2014
          Total Number of Views: 920 Million
 Shake It Off is another song by Tay Swift from the album 1989. The song which debuted at #1 on Billboard,  was praised for its musical style. The video shows swift trying dance styles like Hip-hop, ballet, jazz and even cheer leading.

9)LMFAO  - Party Rock Anthem
          Release Date: Mar 8, 2011
          Total Number of Views: 900 Million
Party Rock Anthem is a song performed by the American dance-pop recording duo, LMFAO, featuring Lauren Bennett and Goon Rock. It has become quite popular as a party song from its release and has been doing quite well on YouTube since its release.


10)Eminem - Love the Way you Lie ft. Rihanna
          Release Date: Aug 5, 2010
          Total Number of Views: 890 Million
Love the Way you lie is a song by the rapper Eminem. The song has been really popular especially for its tender and romantic lyrics of a love-hate relationship. It is often praised to be one of the finest pieces by Eminem. The video features Eminem, Rihanna along with actress Megan fox.


So, that concludes this list. Do you think any of these videos are over hyped or under hyped? What is your favorite video from this list? Let us know in the comments.
To watch all these videos, check out the playlist here.

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As, always, Have a happy reading and Stay Awesome !

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