March 25, 2014

The All-New HTC One | HTC One M8

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Finally the wait is over. The wait for one of the most-anticipated phones of 2014 is over. The wait for the successor of the highly praised and appreciated HTC One is over.
HTC has officially launched its brand new flagship HTC One M8 today. Though we know most of the specs before hand,(This is 2014. Everything Leaks !) here is a quick list of the specs of this amazing

- Unibody Metal design
- Front facing HTC Boom speakers
- Curved bezel that is curves around till the front glass
- Full 5" display
- Android Kitkat
- Improved HTC sense and Blink Feed
These are probably the features we can expect for sure. Here's the exciting part. The specs that make this phone super classy and super sexy !

- 5 MP  front facing Camera (Probably for better selfies and get more tweets than Ellen, Who knows? )
- 2.3 GHz Quadcore Snapdragon 801 processor
- 2 GB RAM
- 4 Ultra Pixel Sensor + Depth Sensor (This is probably the craziest part of this phone)
The Dual camera lens helps in doing a lot of things. With the help of the Depth Sensor, M8 can now distinguish background from foreground, thus giving you a flexibility of applying a whole basket of effects.

That's it for the specs now. All in all it has got all the features that helped One to standout along with many other features as well. So, that's been it for the impressions of HTC One M8.
Stay tuned for more extensive coverage of this and many other tech things.
As always Have a happy Reading !

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