Using Tab Pages in Vim | Vim

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vim-logo-freblogg-tabsUsing Tabs (vim calls them tab pages) is one of the sure ways to increase your productivity. Vim Tabs are just like the tabs in your browsers. Each tab can have multiple splits (referred as windows in Vim's documentation). So, you can have multiple splits open in one tab and then you can have multiple tabs.

Tabs are a really handy way of grouping things together. So, I usually have multiple tabs open in any session. I have a main editor tab where i will have multiple splits open for the code I am looking at and since I work with a lot of data files, I will have one tab dedicated for the data-sets that I will be using for my program. And, then if required, I will have another tab open for any notes, info that I have previously noted down.

Word Count application with Apache Spark and Java

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Apache Spark is becoming ubiquitous by day and has been dubbed the next big thing in the Big Data world. Spark has been replacing MapReduce with its speed and scalability. In this Spark series we will try to solve various problems using Spark and Java.
Word count program is the big data equivalent of the classic Hello world program. The aim of this program is to scan a text file and display the number of times a word has occurred in that particular file. And for this word count application we will be using Apache spark 1.6 with Java 8.

Should a Sanders supporter vote for Hillary if she wins the nomination ?

If you are Bernie supporter  and you are unable to decide whether to vote for Hillary or not in the final elections (when Hillary gets the nomination), then this post will provide you some direction.

If someone is supporting Bernie Sanders it could be because of any of these two reasons :

  1. He wants to vote for someone outside the establishment
  2. He believes Bernie’s vision and ideals

Clinton Vs. Trump | Who will win?

If you had asked me this question a couple of months ago or even just a month ago, my answer would have been Hillary Clinton without any but’s and if’s attached. But now, Its quite unclear.

I have been following this election from the beginning and I predicted it would be Hillary Clinton Vs. Trump for the final, long before others did. And, I assumed Hillary would win it in the finals very comfortably. But, What a ride it has been! It has become such a close call these days and rightfully so.

Apache Spark | Map and FlatMap

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Map and FlatMap functions transform one collection in to another just like the map and flatmap functions in several other functional languages. In the context of Apache Spark, they transform one RDD in to another RDD.

Here is how they differ from each other.

Quick Vim Tips

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Vim is one of the most powerful text editors available. And, hence it is not really possible for everyone to know everything or get the same ideas on improving their work experience. And, so this article includes a few tips and handy shortcuts that will help your productivity just as we have been doing in the Vim series, but individually not extensive enough to get their own dedicated article.

So, here are some useful tips for Vim

RegEx : The Right Way | * and + operators

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Till now we have covered the Dot Operator and the ? Operator for optional characters. To see all the articles of this Regular Expressions series, click here .
In this lesson we are going to see how to match multiple characters at once. The number of characters can be anything. And, the * and + operators are going to help us with that.